Mitzvah Music Planning Forms

Welcome to your Music Planning Pages. You are about to create your perfect be excited and have fun!! If this is your first time on this page, we suggest you print each of these pages and take some time to take notes, scribble all over, move names around and highlight songs. When you are ready to submit, return here and type your forms into the system. When you submit your final forms, you will receive an email with your completed planning. An Absolute Team member will call you the week of your event, usually by Tuesday evening, to review your music/products/times/locations/balance and answer any questions. Please remember that music planning must be submitted NO LATER than 5 days prior to event.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Suggestions

Absolute's DJs have provided you with many of the most requested "Protocol" songs to help make your planning easy! Of course, you do not need to use these...but hopefully they will help you customize your big day!

We recommend you Print out this page and use it as a reference when you complete the of rest of your planning.

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Entrance Songs


Rock n' Roll



Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parent or Host/Hostess Dance

Last Songs