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How long have you been in business?

Absolute has been serving Long Island and the NY Metro area since 1995.

Do you offer music for my ceremony in addition to my reception?

Absolutely. We provide both live entertainment as well as a more economical DJ option.

Will you play the music I request?

Playing your specific requests is our top priority when selecting the music during your event. You can create lists of must play, play if possible, and do not play songs with our online planning tools.

How many songs can I choose?

Request as many as you like, but keep in mind that unless we are quick-cutting your songs at a rapid pace, 15-20 songs maximum per hour is a good rule of thumb. There is typically 2 ½ hours of dancing time on a four hour reception. We can use your background music requests through the rest of the event.

Can we talk to our DJ before the event?

You will speak with your DJ the week of your event. He will call and review the timing of your day, your products, your music planning and answer any questions you have.

Can I request a specific DJ or MC?

Of course. Please keep in mind that these requests are often scheduled well in advance and the specific entertainers do not have their personal family schedules that far in advance. We do not guarantee specific entertainer requests, however we do not double book individuals and do everything to deliver the team you request!

Should I go to a Showcase or schedule an office appointment?

Performance Showcases are a great way to see our Absolute team rock! An office consultation is a much more personal approach to your day. We present video footage of an Absolute show in your location, discuss specific timelines and movement of your guests. You will leave our consultation with an even better feel for your special day than when you left the catering hall!

Can we view your company at someone else’s event?

Unfortunately, we do not allow prospective clients to sit in on private events or weddings. We encourage anyone wanting to do this to attend a showcase or in office consultation.

What are your Payment and Booking terms?

Typical deposits are $300-$500 based on the size of your package. Larger packages may require a larger deposit. Credit cards, checks or cash are accepted for initial deposit. Balances are due 14 days prior to event and can be paid by check, money order, bank check or cash at the office. Credit cards are not accepted for payments after the initial deposit. Should a balance remain within 14 days of the event, cash is the only method accepted. DJ will not start services if balance is not paid by the start time of an event.

Is the DJs gratuity in the cost of my contract?

No, our rates do not include tips and tipping is not required. Approximately 75% of our clients do tip their staff for a job well done. Typical tips range from $75-$150 per man for a wedding and $50-$100 per man for all other events. Your crew works as a team and splits all tips equally unless you designate separate envelopes. Only tip your staff if you are 100% satisfied with their service! You truly make their day with a little love!!

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