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A little blurb about the importance of music and the advantages of how this can make or break your day.

Custom Extras

Lighting, Lighting & Lighting….to Brighten your Day!

Lighting Packages

Basic Light Package - $100

Two dazzling, sound-activated lights will bring a burst of color to your party. Placed on the floor and aimed at the ceiling, we create a “canopy” of lights over your dancing guests…perfect for adding a little nightclub feel during your party! Included in most packages at no cost.

Your "Name" in Lights - $295

See your name, affair date or custom design in lights! A custom gobo is made for your special day and can be illuminated and rotated on dance floor and walls!

"Blizzard" DJ System - $500

Bring an amazing look to your DJ Booth by incorporating all white DJ equipment and 8 Color Kinetic Light Heads to illuminate the entire DJ area!! The Bass Bins lay down in front of the system and can double as dance stages! Our Blizzard DJ System is way too "cool"!!

Color Kinetics Up-Lighting - $595 and up

The real deal!! Amazing Color Kinetic Color Blast 12 technology….same as used to change the colors at the top of the Empire State Building! By far, today’s hottest, coolest way to WOW your crowd! Our Color Blast 12 lighting units are strategically placed around the perimeter of your room for maximum up-lighting effect. Choose any color to set the vibe in your room….or let our lighting techs do their “thing” with color washes, chasing rainbows and amazing quick-cut club effects. This effect can range from a classy, gold candlelight effect to an all out dance party club feel….why not BOTH!

Black Light & Glow Show - $250

Turn out the lights and flip on the Black Light & Glow Show! This one half hour show comes complete with three black light cannons, 50 pair of white gloves and 50 glow necklaces. The darker the room….the brighter everything white will glow….cool effect!